Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Has Tyler Perry's Character Madea Ruined the Image of Black Women?

Of course back in the day, most black women loved watching Tyler Perry films and many still do.   However, this issue is very serious and let us deal with it here on Souls of Black Women blog.   The truth that has never been discussed deals with Tyler Perry's character, Madea.   Throughout Perry's career, Madea has been the source of his income while providing much comedy in his stage plays and movies.   The damage caused has been so obvious among black women and how we deal with each other and it has not been so nice, especially in a place like Atlanta where there is supposed to be unity, there is much division and much of it is caused by ignorance of disrespecting each other as though they are Madea.  It has gone on for too long and now it is time to stop.

Now, Tyler Perry may not have thought Madea would cause any damage and the ignorance of many black women who disrespect each other as though they are his character  and it is definitely not his fault.  However, black women who get mad and make it obvious that they are acting like Madea must be known, so they will realize how ignorant they have become while not being who they really are.   These specific black women make trouble on the job, at church and even cannot understand why good black men run, when they see them.

Let us educate the black women are guilty of using Madea's character to disrespect each other while enjoying their few seconds of popularity among those who stand by and laugh.   Madea is a fictional character, she is not real.   When you get angry and you need to say something directly to a black woman you are angry with, be yourself, but do not be ignorant, obnoxious and desire to embarrass someone so much, you bully them.   If you think it is so funny to continue living your life like you are this fictional character making all of your ignorant sidekicks laugh at your silly jokes, please realize in 5 or 10 years, you will not know who you are, because you have become so obsessed with acting like Madea, you will miss out on finding yourself and most importantly, getting close to God.   So now, if this is you, deal with it and learn how to deal with your black sisters on a mature level.   This issue may not seem like it is serious, but this ignorance of black women disrespecting each other while acting as though they are Madea needs to stop, because it is foolish and very silly.  Your fake personality is a nuisance and really has made a negative impact on the race of black women.  

Just a reminder, you will not only miss out on being the intelligent woman you are, but your ignorant behavior will ruin your possible future with a good black man who does not desire to be in love with Madea, but only with you. 

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