Monday, November 28, 2011

Dear Black Women, Listen to Patricia Waldren's Testimony of Being Delivered From Drugs

Greetings in the name of our most high God.   We just want to encourage each and everyone of our dear sisters whom have been strung out on drugs and alcohol.  We discovered Patricia Waldren's testimony on CBN and she tells a story of how God saved her in her jail cell, instantly.  He delivered her from being a drug attic.   Patrica grew up under a very abusive father who beat her mother and was an alcoholic she vowed to never follow after.  However, Satan deceived this dear sister and she endured a lifetime of misery for 24-years.   Even after losing her her two children to Child Protective Services, Satan had her in bondage.

One day, on a hard cement floor in her jail cell, Patricia Waldren quoted one specific scripture she knew and instantly she had no desire for crack cocaine.  Our dear God delivered her when she cried out to him.  

God is amazing isn't He?   This is the sort of loving God we serve, One who loves us, even when people tell us we are trash, we will never amount up to anything in life and failure is our destiny.   Black women or any other race, God will heal you, all you have to do, is cry out to Him and He will set you completely free.  Have faith in God and do not give up, He is a strong deliverer, regardless of our race, background or age.   When people put us down for the negative things we may have got caught up in, God will hold us and never let us go.

Please watch this following video and if you do not know the Lord as your personal Savior, we welcome you to visit our Salvation page.   God bless and keep you.

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