Monday, November 28, 2011

Dear Black Women, Be Careful of Men Like Giants Legend Lawrence Taylor Who Is Accused of Alleged Child Molestation

Dear sisters, we must be very careful when waiting on God to give us the right man.   There are many black women who make the average mistake of dating the wrong man and then instantly assuming God gave a certain man to them, if he has a lot of money and possibly a very successful famous person.   Just because there is a shortage of black men, it does not mean we are suppose to not weed them out.   You know, we still have to place ourselves beyond those who do not deserve us.   This man Lawrence Taylor is a linebacker for the Giants is allegedly accused of molesting this young girl and paid her $300 dollars, according to the New York Daily News.   This is the sort of man who may approach us and make it as though we are his queen.  Lawrence Taylor does not to be an attractive man, but maybe to the average black woman whom may never had a man, he may be the most handsome man she has ever met.  Why?  Because many of our dear sisters are fooled into believing, just because a black man may approach you and possibly ask to marry you, you he is the man God planned for you to be with for the rest of your life.   Really?   You better think again black women, because it is men like Lawrence Taylor whom are allegedly attracted to teen girls and in some cases, young boys.

Dear black women, this article is to remind you to be very careful, if you happen to get asked out on a date by a man like Giants' linebacker, Lawrence Taylor, because you do not know what demons of lust is in his heart.   There are still a lot of good black men who may really be righteous, but then, there are some who claim to be righteous while discreetly infatuated with teenagers who were still in diapers when they graduated high school.  You have to be very careful, you do not know if this type of man may mess around with your someone your are close to, whether it be your best friend, family member or even your little sister underage.  This is why it is so very important to get saved and ask God to show you the right man.   Do not accept every man with a pair of legs standing in front of you.   If you do not feel Jesus coming from this man, God is trying to tell you not to waste your time.  If you do not know Jesus Christ, get to know Him and ask Him to bless you with a gift to search the spirits of a man and He will reveal to you, if he is good or evil.   Therefore, you will know if he is into alleged sinful attractions like Lawrence Taylor.

Now see, if this man Lawrence Taylor is married to a black woman, this is very nasty.  This would make any black woman angry and not trust being with a man ever again.  Then, you have some silly women who will stay with a man, after they discover he is accused of child molestation, it's sick and disgusting but it is true.  There are true stories about these type of women out there.

Teen sues Giants legend Lawrence Taylor over sex case: Bronx girl seeks damages 

Seeks damages under federal statute

Legendary Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor was sacked with a child sex lawsuit Monday by a Bronx teenager who was forced to have sex with him for $300 at a Rockland County hotel.

The victim, Cristine Fierro, said Taylor deserved jail for what he did to her two years ago — not just probation.

“I was glad Mr. Taylor was prosecuted, but I feel as though he should have gone to jail to think about what he has done to me,” Fierro said, reading from a statement. “I am very hurt because of what I was forced to do against my own will with Mr. Taylor in that room that night. It is something that is always going to be with me."

Dressed in jeans, black boots and a sparkly gray top, the now 18-year-old said she has been trying to Read full article, here.

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