Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chicago Teen murdered Grandmother After Confronted Him About Skipping School: Black Women Disrespected By The Black Males They Raise

Let us first say this, our condolences go to the family of late Hester Scott.  However, this report claiming that this kid is bi-polar is ludicrous, because back in the day, we couldn't call it that, it was called rebellion and being full of the Devil.   All diseases come from the pit of hell and this case is not excused, because of an alleged diagnosis.   Bi-polar is a disease first mentioned to allegedly excuses cases that involved white people who could not control their anger and then in the last five years, we began hearing more about it among black people, but not according to God's Word.  The Word of God let's us know: 'Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.  Honor your father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise (Ephesians 6:1-2).   This goes for any grandmother or guardian who has authority in place of a parent and Harriet Scott, 55 was raising her grandson, because his mother could not raise him and her other children.   

In this evil day, we as black women must serve the Lord to take over the authority in our homes against the demonic force that may rise up in children.   First and foremost, not saying Harriet Scott did not know Jesus Christ as her personal Savior, but please make sure you are serving the Lord and you serve Him, because if these children do not accept Him, demons will rise up against you.  This has happened before in previous case.  One in particular involved twins who murdered their mother for no apparent reason and then another one involved a grown man who murdered his mother and both of these cases were in Georgia, except in the case of these twins, they were teen girls who lived with their grandmother, but was spending time with their mother.   
Specifically, this case involving this 15-year-old boy not wanting to accept being told what to do, is pure evil.   It has been said that this teen was institutionalized in a mental hospital.   However, no one ever said that this boy excepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.  Did anyone in the family know God, because if the reason was sickness in the mind, He needed to Jesus Christ, sending him to a mental institution could never be enough.  We are living in a wicked age of black males who are raised by black women, whether it be their mother, grandmother, aunt or even their mother's friend who is helping to raise them experience extreme hatred and it has nothing to do with the black male being bi-polar, but his resentment comes from the pit of hell.   The average black male who is raised by a black woman feels insecure and many times this comes from his bitterness of not being raised by his father or some type of elder male figure.   This is going on in millions of households across America and it is nothing new.    

The answer is to make sure you a born again Christian, so you can take authority in your home, because if you cannot think of a solution to let someone else raise him or request that he leaves at a certain age, you must make sure your life is in God's hands without having to feel worried about being threatened just because you are in authority as a black woman.

Let us pray before you continue reading the actual report:

Father, in the name of Jesus.  First we want to pray for the family in their bereavement of Harriet Scott.   We bring the race of black women before you right now whomever they may be.   We bind the demonic force in these young black males (or females) who refuse to obey authority.   We pray that these black women repent and find you, if they do not know you.   Satan works through these children, because we know we are living in the last days.   We bind the demonic force, in the name of Jesus, right now.   We ask you to save these black women and these children and lead them how you expect them to live, in the name of Jesus right now.   We bind the demon of violence, anger and bitterness, right now.    Satan, the blood of Jesus is against you right now, you have no authority over these black women or these children.   If they are grown, the demons in them cannot destroy the lives of these black women.   Lord, bless these black women for wanting to do what is right and raise these children.  Help these children not to obey, when they are told to go to school, do their homework and house chores, in the mighty precious name of Jesus.   Amen.

Now, if you do not know Jesus as your personal Savior please go to our Salvation page and get to know Him and there you will find a link for Salvation and to watch sermons on video.   Even better, go here.   God bless you.

A Chicago police officer was stabbed and beaten to death by her 15-year-old grandson after she confronted him for skipping school, authorities said.

Hester Scott, 55, a 25-year veteran of the Chicago police department, found 9th-grader Keshawn Perkins crashed on a couch in the basement of their south side house Friday morning and began badgering him for missing class, prosecutors said, according to the The Chicago Tribune.

The coldhearted teen then attacked his grandmother, pummeling her in the head with a lamp and stabbing her in the head, neck and body with a kitchen knife several times, prosecutors said.

He then wrapped her bloody body in a blanket and dumped it in a sewer trap behind her house, before taking off with her purse, prosecutors charged.

A neighbor spotted the gore-spattered teen dragging something through his backyard and then fleeing, the Tribune said. Perkins was arrested a short time later.

Prosecutors said that Perkins admitted to the savage attack, saying his grandmother had yelled at him for skipping school and he beat her...Read full article here. 

Source and photo courtesy: www.nydailynews.com


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