Monday, November 21, 2011

Black Women Losing Hair Because of Lace Fronts, Advice: Stop Trying to Look Like Celebrities With No Hair

Like we have told you before, wearing hair that is not yours is not want Jesus Christ wants for you.  Dear black women, you can only take heed to our advice, if you are holy and righteous.  If you are not, then you will not understand our wisdom.   Let us be very clear with you, when the teen girl went on a tour with Jesus Christ to hell and allegedly spotted Michael Jackson, Selena and the Pope, she also confessed the Son of God's concern for women who do not take care of their own hair when He took her to heaven.   Angelica Zambrano is her name and she mentioned that Jesus wants us to take care of our crown.   What is our crown?   It is our own hair and it is not weaves, wigs, extensions or even lace fronts.   This news of many black women losing their hair because of lace-fronts is no surprise to us.  For we have told you before in a previous article when we first presented Souls of Black Women to you that if you truly are a servant of Jesus Christ, you have no business wearing fake hair, but trusting Him to grow your own hair and learn how to not only grow it, but take care of it.  You will never grow your hair as long as you continue to think celebrities are pretty and you are ugly.  So this false illusion drives you to desire to look like these celebrities who do not even wear their real hair and so like them, you have made the wrong choice by spending hundreds of dollars on weaves, wigs, hair extensions and lace fronts.   God's ideal beauty is certainly not for you to look like Tyra Banks (above photo), Beyonce or whomever else is famous who is not growing their own hair.   

Black women losing hair is nothing new, it is not just because of these lace fronts, it is also because of all fake hair that robs your own roots from growing your own hair and this has been going on for many years.  Sadly, most generations of black women can recall their great-grandmothers wearing wigs.   Right now, if they look back in their photo albums, they will see black women in their families wearing wigs, weaves and hair pieces.   Why?  Simply because they believed the famous ancient lie, black women cannot grow long hair.

This is one of the biggest reasons why good black men have turned their back on the race of black women, because they do not see many of us growing our own natural hair.  You may say it won't grow.   Dear sister, don't you know words have power.  Stop saying it won't grow.   If you keep repeating that ancient myth, then you will never experience wearing your own natural long hair.  Why would God bless other races and not black women?   Get real, He does not love them more than us.   So, start valuing what God can do for you as His child, then learn how to take care for it as you grow it, then you will began to finally enjoy wearing your own hair.   

Furthermore, the reason why a lot of black women wear lace fronts, is simply because they lost it from wearing tight extensions.  It has happened to all of us at some point in our lives.  Then, you hear another ancient myth like the one from Oprah's personal hair stylist, Andre who allegedly claimed you will never get your hair back around the sides after losing it.  They call this a form of Alopecia, but ladies, we have seen actual testimonies of how black women overcame this myth and their hair grew back, so do not give up.   We will also show you an actual video on an upcoming article of a woman who was extremely bald around the sides and she grew her hair back.   It took months, but her hair grew back.   

Bottom line, began to love yourself and stop wasting your time focusing on these celebrities who do not have any hair under those weaves and wigs they wear; because the truth is, if you saw the real them, you would not want to look like them.   Another thing, if you continue to wear these lace fronts, you will die having no hair.   Lace fronts maybe covering your bald spots, but it will never give you your actual hair line back.  

Let us all who are smart black women give good black men the real thing and no longer a delusion.  Let us show them we appreciate what God can do for our own crowns.   Let us unite and stand together on this issue and good black men will began to run back to us.  Why?   Because not only have we learn to change our attitudes in a holy fashion, but we have also learned how to grow our own long hair.  

Remember, dear black sisters, began to trust God and serve Him and as you do so, He will honor you appreciating Him for how He created you as a black woman.   Do not give up, God will grow your hair, only if you trust and believe Him.  However, be very patient, it will take many months to grow it back, it all depends on your effort.

Do lace fronts cause women to lose their hair?

A tongue-in-cheek "anti-lace front" video has gone viral on YouTube and social networking sites. As of Thursday, the video, featuring a group of African-American women, was viewed nearly 40,000 times on YouTube.

The video called, "Anti-Lace Front PSA", rallies women to take the lace off. Its commentary says "there's nothing wrong with letting your naps show" and urges women to save "one scalp at a time" until "every real hairline is revealed."

 But with so many high-profile celebrities wearing hair extensions, black women are keen to get the "good hair" look. It is, for example, well-known that the likes of Beyonc√©...Read full article, here.

Source: The Grio
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