Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Black People Who Enslaved Black Women Like Mary Harvey In The 21st Century

In our opinion the way Mary Harvey has been allegedly mistreated by Steve Harvey is a form of slavery.   Recently, Steve Harvey allegedly got Mary Harvey served with papers, again and now she is serving time in jail.   Now, we want to make this very clear to you, this is why the white race is still on top, because Satan uses black people against each other, so they cannot ever enjoy the good life has given them.   Just look at this case, regarding Steve Harvey allegedly harassing his ex-wife, Mary.  He will not give this woman any peace.   Everything she tries to do to enjoy life, he takes it away.   If you do not know why we call this a form of slavery just keep on reading and you will see why.

Steve Harvey is best known for being an entertainer in the world for many years and now the he does gigs for the church.   Recently, he has just allegedly made a deal to be on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network), interviewing these so-called born again Christians who are celebrities just like himself.  Allegedly, he mutually agreed to leave his wife, Mary for his third wife, Marjorie.   He and Marjorie are raising his son Mary bore for him named Wynton.   Personally, we feel there is a possibility he and Marjorie's phone must be tapped, because allegedly every time Wynton speaks to his birth mother, Mary, Steve is serving Mary with papers, making false claims of not being a good influence for their son.   Mary cannot even see Wynton, because according to Mary's last interview, Wynton was asking and pleading to see her.   Now that Mary is in jail in again, Steve has served her with more papers, because she was preparing to have a reality show.  This is very unfair and causing her and her eldest son, Steven a lot of stress.  Steven is not Steve's biological son and he has supported his mother while she has been unfairly incarcerated.

Everything Mary has tried to do to continue living her life in peace, this man has tried to stop.  This is similar to white supremacists who took away rights from African Americans during the times of slavery.   They took away our freedom of happiness while holding us in shackles and chains.   Therefore, mentally black people have mistreated their own race by emotionally abusing each other, because of their own selfish reason.  Whenever any black man or black woman tries to steal another human being's happiness and they have not done anything to deserve such cruelty, indeed it is slavery.   Now that Marjorie has the man she allegedly lured through a dirty letter she wrote while he was still married to Mary, it seems like she may not be able to have peace, including Steve who left the woman who was responsible for sticking by him when he was not famous and rich.  Yes, it was Mary who stuck by Steve Harvey, not Marjorie.   Mary was the woman who drove across country with Steve when they had nothing.   So tell us, now that they both have went their separate ways, why is it that Steve has been pushed to serve Mary with papers and take away her freedom to appear on a reality show?   The demon of slavery is controlling this man to take away Mary's freedom.   Also, A Toast 2 Wealth blog will be informing you why Marjorie has allegedly instigated this man to evil to Mary, this demon inside of wicked women like Marjorie goes way back to the beginning of time.   

This case with Steve Harvey serving Mary with papers just when she was about to start her own reality show has not only been the only case of slavery, but there are many black people who are robots for Satan.   This case happens to involve a famous person who has hurt one black woman and yielded to be with another black female who cares nothing about Mary who has been struggling to live life and move on and leave the past behind and forget the pain they both caused her.

Let us continue to pray for Mary, but for now, please do realize people who enslave other people have not always been white.   Many blacks, Hispanics and Asians have also been guilty of doing the same evil as the white supremacists and it is the trick of Satan to always think white people are the only ones capable to be used by Satan to destroy good black women (or men).  

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