Monday, October 10, 2011

Real Ladies Don't Date Black Men Who Wear Sagging Pants

There is a high percentage of 21st century black women who seem somewhat desperate they are willing to accept type of man that will give them the time of day: younger black man to make them look younger, thuggish black man to make them look tough , white man to give them mixed kids and make black men who date other races feel bad, all for the wrong reasons.   Ladies, you cannot waste your time with a man, if God did not send him to you, especially a male, not a man who wears his pants hanging down, that is not a real man.    You must love yourself enough to put yourself higher than a ghetto mentality, it does not matter your background, age, where you live or how many mistakes you have made.    You must learn to change your options.   Learn to choose a man who has enough pride in himself to pull up his pants.   Whenever you see a black guy who wears his pants hanging down, even if he claims to know Christ and a fan of Kirk Franklin, you need to turn your head real quick, because even black men in the church know better and ought to be ashamed of themselves.   Therefore, if they are not ashamed enough to stop following the hip hop crowd of dressing like thugs, change yourself.   Are you really attracted to a man who wears sagging pants? 

Now, dear sisters, you cannot judge a guy who wears sagging pants, if you guilty yourself for wearing indecent clothing.   What sort of indecent clothing are we talking about?    Are you guilty of wearing your shirts so low, it reveals your bosom?    Are you guilty of showing your belly button?   Are you guilty of wearing skin tight pants or dresses and skirts whenever you wear them, even at church.   This goes for black women particularly in the church, if you are guilty of doing so, because you are following the hip hop revolution, then how in the world can you expect a real man to approach you?    Possibly, you are getting these black men with sagging pants, because you have not fixed up yourself enough to get a decent handsome black man in your life.   You cannot expect for God to bless you with a decent man, if you have not been living up to the expectations of Jesus Christ.   Maybe you do not have a lot of clothes to wear and this is your excuse for not dressing, appropriately.   Find some sort of career or create a business that will pay you enough to dress nice; if not, at least get a sewing machine and learn how to sew you some decent clothes.   If you truly desire for God to bless you, you are going to have to put out what you expect in return, respect. 

If we get more black women to start taking pride in themselves and refuse to date men who wear sagging pants and start dressing decent themselves, then maybe these black guys turn into to real men and they will become too ashamed to look like a thug.   Most likely, these black men will start fixing themselves up so they can make sure they get the right "black lady" in their life.   Black women will start becoming their preference, because they see a change among us.   No disrespect to the artist, but you never will get a good man looking like the image of Lil' Kim.   The way you get him, is the exact way you will lose him and if a man wants a woman who reveals too much flesh, he could easily go to the strip club.    If you refuse to dress like a lady, then you will not get the respect you deserve as a lady, regardless of how these black men wear sagging pants.  You will forever get these black guys who wear sagging pants approaching you.   It is time ladies to take pride in yourselves and not except less, but only the best man who will come from God.   It is time to stop being a follower and be a leader.   It is time to start making God happy, so He can bless you with a king, not a thug.   And remember, it does not matter about your negative past or who you are, when a man truly loves you, he will love you for who you are and grow with you in the future as his queen and your negative past is irrelevant to him.

Dear sisters, do you know wear the style of sagging pants came from?   It came from men who wore sagging pants in prison to let other prison mates know they are available, sexually.   It is an immoral fashion that started in prison among bi-sexual men. This goes along with today's hip-hop culture.   So, is this the sort of man you want in your life?   Do you love yourself enough to wait on God or would you rather rush to get a black male with a prison mentality of bi-sexual behavior?  Think about it, because this is one of the main reasons why we have had so many black women who have been infected with HIV, they are attracted to these black guys who have the look of hip hop artists and some of them go both ways (bi-sexual).   Let us leave you with these words, if you do not wish to change your options for choosing a real man who does not wear sagging pants, be very careful and still pray and ask God about the man you do not want to let go, because it is not safe just just physically, but also spiritually.

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