Sunday, October 16, 2011

Loretta Devine's Support for Rupaul's Drag Queen Show Is a Disgrace to Black Women

Only black women who are holy and righteous can agree with this article.   Loretta Devine supporting this drag queen show, "Rupaul's Drag Race" as a contestant reveals how many black women will stoop so low just to get a check to pay bills, allegedly.   However, all black women may not agree with this article, because they like Loretta Devine have no morals and values.   How can we as black women receive the blessing of having a good righteous man in our lives if we our not righteous ourselves?  This is why African Americans today are so messed up, they have no boundaries and there are no limits to what they will do for fame and fortune.   Righteous black women, we can no longer unite with the race of black women who have no integrity.   We must come to a point in our lives not to support an actress just because she is black, but only support her for her righteous integrity.  If you think about it, this is why black women have such a hard time and many black men who are worth having as a husband look the other way, because simply the real beauty inside many souls of black women have ceased and been rotted by Satan and his demons.

Our dear sisters, Loretta Devine being a judge on Rupaul's show that represents drag queens is one of the main reasons why many of our young and even older black men are effeminate.  There are too many black women like Loretta Devine fascinated with sinful pleasures of homosexuality. God said in His Word He would not allow men who are effeminate to enter into the His Kingdom and even those who glorify it. "Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind... (I Cor. 6:9)."  

Dear black women, there is nothing pretty about men dressed up to appear beautiful and seductive to steal attention from real women.   This is why there are so many women throughout the years who have complained of finding out their husbands and boyfriends were sleeping with the same sex, many of these women were friends with these effeminate men and had the audacity to complain when they discovered their gay male friends supposedly "stole" their man.   Sisters, God is not pleased with where the hearts of many (black) women have been for so many years, they have been focused on kinky pleasures that will turn men into appearing like women while controlling them to support them, only because they allow and like it.   We should not be shocked whenever certain husbands like Eddie Murphy was allegedly caught with a transvestite, because when these drag queens are much more loved by women and have so much support from them, there is no surprise of what may occur.   Therefore, Loretta Devine allegedly supporting Rupaul's drag queen show is a disgrace not only to black women, but also to God.   God never created drag queens or transvestites, transsexuals or effeminate gay men to take the attention away from real women he created to sexually gratify a man.   It is nasty and disgusting and any woman who is so low to accept such a position has degraded herself and made the race of black women to appear weak and enslaved to the unnatural affection that feeds the evil souls of men who idolize these drag queens.   God is not pleased and because of Loretta Devine being on Rupaul's show reveals the unethical behavior of many black women who complain why they cannot find a good man.   Furthermore, many black women also complain that their sons are gay.   How can your son be straight when you glorify and support the evil spirit or homosexual deception?   We cannot expect for the race of black men to ever be good righteous black men, if black women idolize drag queens as beautiful beings.   If certain black women like Loretta Devine continue to do so, do not be surprised why many black men are no longer strong black men, but are vulnerable to lustful pleasures that causes them to be more attracted to transsexuals that are controlled by Satan and his demons from the pit of hell.   Do not be surprised to see many young male kids come out of your wounds to desire wearing dresses and makeup like the late drag queen, Sylvester.   

To all black women who desire to be holy and righteous, it is time we fully dedicated our minds, hearts and souls to Jesus Christ, because many black women like Loretta Devine are (allegedly) gullible to the deception of devious behavior, which does not teach our young girls how to be real women or even young boys how to be real men.   Our journalists refuse to support any black female entertainer like Loretta Devine who has no morals and values as a virtuous woman who loves the Lord with all of her heart, mind and soul.

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