Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dear Black Woman, Don't Kill Yourself: Committing Suicide is Not The Answer

According to statistics, they claim black women are the lowest to commit suicide.   However, those statistics are in error, there are many black women who have been extremely depressed and committed suicide because of various issues they feel no one understands.    Just when you think other black women will listen and understand you, most of the time, they are the very ones to turn their backs on you and this is why Satan has stolen the lives of many black women who have killed themselves.   Also, the feminist movement is the trick of the Devil, because many women of any race will not listen when a black woman cries and reaches out for someone to listen.   There have been several cases throughout history that have revealed black women who have committed suicide, because they felt alone in their circumstances and everyone they went to and begged them to listen, they ignored them.   
One of the most famous recent cases happened in New York when a mother of three kids drove her SUV into the Hudson River.   Before the SUV sank, she looked at her ten year old son who could swim and told him to go run for help, she realized she had made a mistake.  Before this woman killed herself and her three children, an anonymous witness said she was having a nervous breakdown before this all happened.  The witness said she saw lights flicking on and off.    This black woman was hurting and had no one to turn to, but did not think the real friend who would listen was and still is Jesus Christ.   God loved this woman more than anyone else.   

We do realize life can get so difficult and it feels as though you have no where to turn.   We also realize because we cannot see God, Satan often tricks us to think, He is not real and even if we realize He is real, Satan makes us think, He cannot hear us.    Dear black woman, God hears our cry.   Personally, He knows what you are going through and how much pain you are feeling.   As black women we often go through depression, because we not only endure racism, but we endure our own race not being responsive to our pain.   Suicide is a demon and if you do not seek help by at least falling to your knees in prayer, Satan has got your soul.   You must fight this suicidal demon and cry out to God.   Talk to him just how you talk to people, because he knows you better than anyone else.   He is just waiting for you to confide in Him.   Most of all, He is waiting for you to serve Him.    

If this is you dear sister, let us pray.   Dear heavenly father, we come before you right now.   Your daughter is hurting and feeling so much pain.   God, we know you are here and we also know you know about the circumstance in this woman's life.   Jesus, give her peace right now.   Show her how much you love her, regardless of her personal circumstance.   Many times, as black women, it seems like no one cares, even other black women will turn their backs on their own sisters, but dear Lord, we know you care.    Jesus, hear our prayer, heal our dear sister of any pain she is going through in the name of Jesus.   Although, it seems like this sister's family, the church and even her closest friends have turned their backs on her, we know you care and no one can show real love like you.   Jesus, cure every foul demonic spirit that comes to destroy this dear woman's soul, right now.   Heal the pain and take it away in Jesus name we pray, Amen.   

Now, Satan is going to try and come and trick you and make you still think no one loves you.  He is going to come and try and fool you into believing God does not care about you. Often times, because of the sins many black women have committed, Satan will make you think God won't forgive you, but dear woman, Jesus loves you no matter what.   Do not commit suicide, just because other people refuse to listen or even understand you.    Pray and cry out to God and He will take your pain.   Every time you pray, you will know God has heard you and will solve your problem. So don't give up, hold onto Jesus Christ and never let Him go.  God bless and stay strong dear sister.


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