Monday, October 31, 2011

Black Women Who Honor Same Sex Marriages While Married to A Man Like Comedienne, Mo' nique

First and foremost, let us forewarn black women who honor same sex marriages, you are in complete violation of the Word of God.   If you are married to a man, why would you agree with same sex marriage?   After hearing from one of our main journalists of AT2W who did a report on Mo'nique, the famous black female actress and comedienne married to Sidney Hicks who allegedly believes not only in having an open marriage, but also agrees with same sex marriage.   It does not matter how hard African Americans have had it in the entertainment industry, we do not have a right to give up our morals and values.  

God expects us not to agree with sin and if we are so blessed to be married to a man, why agree with homosexuality?   What meaning is our marriage to the opposite sex, if we support gays and lesbians?  On a prior article, we revealed an article presented to you on SCR that informed our readers why we do not agree that civil rights should be discussed in today's black church.  We explained why it is very important for the black church to spread the full gospel of Jesus Christ, not condoning sin and making it necessary to discuss civil rights in the House of God.  Therefore, this is why we feel it is necessary to forewarn black women, we are under a spiritual radar and God is watching everything we say and do and just because we have been discriminated against in this country of the United States of America does not make it alright to agree with what God says is wrong.  Possibly, just because certain black women like Mo'nique think it is so difficult to find a man, so we have to take whomever we can get, no matter what they believe or approve of.   However, God says not so, it is not that important to have a black man in our lives that we must bow down to the evil ways of this world.   You might as well not have a husband, if you agree with homosexuality or even the rights they fight for, simply because your marriage to the opposite sex is sacred and it not to be confused with condoning homosexuality.

Are you agreeing with same sex marriage while married to your husband, dear sister?   If so, how much do you value your marriage, God has blessed you with and what is the reason you are married to your husband?   You cannot claim you love your husband while defending the rights of gays and lesbians, it is impossible.   God is not in your marriage, if you condone or agree with sin?   You must question you reason for being married to your husband, if you are a black woman who is a follower and not a born leader.   A black woman who is a born leader just does not advocate for the sins of humanity for popularity or just to keep more money coming into your bank account.   A black woman who is a born leader is designed by God and she is a virtuous woman, one with complete integrity.  Integrity means what you know is wrong, you just will not do. Black women of the 21st century have got to be satisfied being without a man, if it means giving up condoning sin.  You might as well be by yourself, because God does not honor your marriage, if you honor or agree with the homosexual community.

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