Friday, October 21, 2011

Black Women Who Enjoy Unprotected Intercourse With Gay Men Who Have AIDS

Greetings our dear sisters, we bring this issue before you, simply because one of our journalists of knew of a woman who admitted she had intercourse with a gay man, knowing he was infected with full blown AIDS, not the AIDS virus, HIV, but he had full blown AIDS.  Now you may be wondering how could this gay man desire this woman, sexually?   Although this man was effeminate, he did not live his life by labels, but he lived his life being very soft and delicate at times while having relationships with men, but also with women who were attracted to him as a very fair light skinned black man with hazel eyes.   This black woman had three children (by different men) and gave no worry about possibly catching AIDS leaving them behind.   As a cold black woman, all she wanted was this high yellow man on her arm, every where she went and enjoyed intercourse with him, not because of love, but lust.   When the man's mother reminded this black woman to be cautious of catching AIDS, her response was nonchalance.

Dear sisters, as black women when is this ignorance going to stop?   When are you going to decide to start loving yourself more than the man you are attracted to?   The black race went through a phase in previous years, regarding the down low issue, but in this case and many others similar that involves black women knowingly wanting a man, because he is delicate, high yellow with hazel eyes who happens to be gay,  is guilty of accepting him, regardless of his fatal disease.  Of course, it does not matter what the man looks like you happen to fall in love with, but lust was on this woman's mind without even caring about what she knew he was infected with.  When you really think about it, this woman did not even think about God while enjoying unprotected intercourse with this man.  She even was willing to kill another woman over this man inside of a church, true story.   This is how obsessed she was over this gay man.

Another thing, this woman's cousin had the same type of man with the same exact description, not just looks but also a very flamboyant homosexual,  but willing to have intercourse with women who adored him.   So now, you can clearly see this is a spiritual issue, both women not even caring about their lives.

Years later this woman is a cougar, has a younger 'pretty boy' who is her husband, but may have infected him with AIDS.    Why?   Because she may have been infected from her prior relationship.   She knew it, although she was forewarned to be safe.

Are you shocked?   This is definitely nothing knew, it has been going on for years and this is why we have a spiritual warfare within the race of black women, simply because there are many who date men based on their appearance, but not on their spiritual being.   Lust is so strong, many of our sisters do not even care about being infected with AIDS, even if they know their boyfriend is infected with it.   Many are willing to disrespect another black woman, regarding their flamboyant boyfriend.   It makes you think, if black women have been this weak to disrespect themselves along with other black women, no wonder why there is much difficulty connecting with a good man, too much damage has occurred over the years.

If you are guilty of being attracted to these type of men, stop it before it is too late.  Too many black women have died of AIDS, because lust was more important than having respect for God and then, themselves.   You are committing suicide by knowingly risking your life to this deadly disease.   If you consider yourself intelligent, do not be tricked into accepting a relationship with a gay or bi-sexual man, just because you think he is attracted to you and you feel so good he is willing to pay attention to you.   What about God, dear sisters?   If God does not pay attention to us, then we are in trouble, forget these pretty boys whom we may know are infected with AIDS.   It's not safe.   Satan knows how gullible a lot of black women are and so desperate to have a man, so it is time outsmart him and make God the head of our lives who has given Jesus Christ to make us happy until the right man comes or none at all.


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