Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Black Mother in California Changes Child's Gender From Girl to Boy: God Is Very Angry

One of our journalists from told us about a black woman named Iyanna Pray in California who decided to change her little girl into a boy.   Dear sisters, if you truly know the Lord as your personal Savior, we are very sure, you know the race of black women have gone too far.  They do not recall where God brought us from.  There was a time when our black women were enslaved in America and now modern day slavery is what is going on now.  It is called volunteer slavery, this is when one is willing to be a slave in their mental state.   Therefore, many black women are slaves to sin, just to prove we are now so diverse the decisions are made based on the descendants of the white supremacists, rather than God's Word and God is very angry.  Where this black mother live is in the central valley of California, Stockton.   Historically, Stockton is a very racist place to live and it surprises us that a black mother is willing to join the masses of the transgender and homosexual community to say it is okay to change the gender of your child.   Why would any black individual who lives in a place that has a history of racism allow your child to come out of the closet as transgender?   That is double discrimination, expect being black is not a sin, according to God's Word.

Dear sisters, every black woman is not our sister, if they are not following the guidelines of God's Word.   This black mother in Stockton, California is responsible for the soul of her child and when she faces judgement, it will be eternal hell and damnation.  When God gives you a child, you are not suppose to taint his or her soul with the wicked ways of society, but you are suppose to guide your child into righteousness, a holy way of living.  No mother or father has the right to allow a child to change his or gender.  It does not matter if a child says, "I do not like being a boy or a girl or I do not like wearing boy or girl clothes."   When you hear that sort of talk, you instantly should start praying and rebuking Satan's control over your child, because your child could have easily picked up that sort thought from his or her young mind, from watching television or just simply playing with the wrong friends.   So, how dare any parent change the sex of their child, God forbid.  If God gave you a girl, then encourage her to enjoy being a girl.  If God gave you a boy, then encourage him to enjoy being a boy.   Definitely do not allow your child to fall into the behavior of many adults who are now saying they wished they had of remained a man or a woman.  Any child is too young to make those sort of decisions.  First of all, we need to evaluate why a child maybe disliking their gender when all they should be thinking about is learning about God and getting an education.

You may ask, 'where did this sort of odd behavior of a child wanting to change their sex come from?'   We live in a society that is controlled by demonic forces, one of those forces is the demon of homosexuality and transgender identity.   This very fact is true, hell is in the bowels of the earth and there are demons that we cannot see controlling people, not just grown people, but also children.   Hell is real and demons are real.  Do not let anyone like Bishop Carlton Pearson tell you that there is no such a thing as a Devil or hell.   There have been actual testimonies of people who have recently went on a tour to hell with Jesus Christ.

This black mother claimed her little girl said she did not like wearing pink beads in her hair.   You see, based on what the child said, this black mother automatically thought she had the power to change this child's gender, instead of thinking about how God wonderfully created her child.   We are living in a wicked age that allows children and parents to disrespect God by insinuating He made a mistake when her birthed a baby girl or a baby boy in the wombs of many mothers today.  As a black woman, it is disgrace and this sort of immoral issue does not belong in the souls of black women.  As strong black women, we ought to learn how to live according to God's Word and not based on this modern age society that accept homosexuality and transgender as supremacy over our lives.  God commands us to seek His Kingdom and not be a part of such evil that is condoned in America or even abroad.   

One physician named Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D. who was on Dr. Phil, earlier this year says children should be properly nurtured from their mother, but he discourages children to be the opposite sex.  Man doctors on this same show disagreed with this physician, but this physician stands by this opinion.

Dear sisters, when God gave you your child, He never made any mistake.  Be careful what your child hears or sees.   Do not allow them to play with every child.  This days, you have got to search the spirit of children, before you can allow your child to play with them.   Find a way to place your child in a christian school.   Most of all, teach the Word of God to your child and bind every evil spirit that tries to control them.   Teach them how to live holy.   Teach them the very reason why God created them to be a girl or a boy and why they should be proud.   Do not allow them to overhear discussions about homosexual issues that are trying to demonically control our society.   Continue to pray with your children on a daily basis and surround them with a spirit of christian morals and values in your home.   

Remind your child, you are the parent and they are the child and are to listen and obey you.

God bless you dear souls of black women and your children and stay strong in the Lord. 

Watch Video of Black Mother who Allowed Girl to Change into a Boy

Here is a video of a teenage girl who went to hell on a tour with Jesus Christ, AToast2Wealth did an article that informed readers about how Angelica not only saw Michael Jackson and Selina in hell, but certain demons that appeared like cartoons were there, also.  Therefore, a lot of kids are unknowingly being demonically transformed by watching these cartoons.  So, hear the story now.


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