Sunday, October 2, 2011

Are You Hurt Black Women, Because Many Black Men Have Left Us For White Women and Other Races?

When you go out in public, are there bi-racial couples (white women/black men) who seemed to purposely make you feel bad that you see them together?    This is one of the main issues that keep black women down and cause them to feel very bitter and ugly.   However, this is a spiritual issue and there is no reason for you to feel hurt.   If there are black men who are purposely out to hurt the race of black women, it may have a lot to do with their personal resentment against their own mother or just simply their own insecurity.  It is a Satanic force that is using them and whomever they are with to keep black women down.   It has nothing to do with you.   God is trying to get your attention and does not want you or any other black women to pay attention of being labeled the less desirable black woman to the black man, because He created you, not the black man nor any race of a woman who he is with.   So, let us ask you this very serious question, are you paying attention to God or black men who do not desire you and prefer to be with other races of women on a daily basis?   

Black women, God is after our souls and watches how we react when we feel threatened by what we see and feel.   If black men no longer care about how we feel about desiring to have them remain with us, then let-them-go.  Start seeking God, because at the end of our lives, we are going to be questioned about our actions.   If you are in the majority of many black women who wish to get even with black men, so they can feel the same pain, then your heart is certainly not focused on God.    Black men have been wrong to a certain degree, but we as black women have not been able to fully be complete, if we have not had a deep relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Have you noticed this very fact?  In the past age when black men desired us more and appreciated black women, it was mostly other black women who were sleeping with our husbands and boyfriends, not white, Latino or Asian women.   Therefore, this is indeed a spiritual issue and it cannot be solved by emotionally holding a grudge and getting even with black men by marrying other races, for three reasons:  because God is not in your relationship if you are in it for the wrong reasons (money), you will have to raise your children without ever admitting what you endure as a black woman and thirdly, every time you face a racist situation, you will you have to suppress the issue with your husband who does not feel the same pain.   Beloved sisters, God is concerned about you, if you have been in this predicament.   To be honest with you, it is time for us as black women to marry Jesus Christ and then, allow Him to send us the best man, He has designed especially for us.    Because when black men were into being with mostly black women, back in the day when our race was more united, it hurt to see black women disrespect each other.   It hurt to see when they were the ones committing adultery with our husbands and even dating our boyfriends.  In some cases they are still the ones hurting each other and being found in an adulterous affair with a black woman's husband or boyfriend.   This is enough to reveal to you how serious this spiritual walk is with God and the deep root of the problem is ourselves.   How close are we to Jesus Christ, do we love and desire being with Him more than a man?   If you do not desire God to be in your life, then this article is not for you, anyway and you are wasting your time reading it.

No black man, Latino, Asian or even a white man who may provide us black women with a lot of money, but no love can give us the satisfaction that God can give.  Dear black women, when you get sick, God can heal you and the least of your worries is seeing black men feeling good while flaunting his white, Latino or Asian woman in your face for whatever reason.   When you lose your job and you need a financial miracle, the least thing on your mind is desiring a black man to be in bed with you at night.   Who can solve your financial problems?  Jesus Christ.   He is the only one who can give you a better job or even lead you to start a lucrative business.  Being the large percentage of black women without a black man in your life is the least of your worries when you have problems in your life and that is what you need to think about.   The greatest relationship you can have is with Jesus Christ.   The average black man who is with another race of a woman may not be meant for you anyway, because God may be protecting you along with a lot of other black women from enduring emotional distress.   Have you ever thought about it like that?

Dear black women, the world is full of all sorts of people and because of lust, these days it is not just black men who are leaving black women.   In this messed up world in support of the demon of homosexuality, there are black women who are having a sexual relationship with white women along with those who sleep with black women, there are black men who having a sexual relationship with white men along with those who sleep with black men, there are even black men and women who are preferring to be with transsexuals instead of being with the opposite sex.   It is all twisted these days.    Our journalists receive all types of letters on a daily basis.   Therefore, all of the problems black women think they are facing by being less desirable to the black man is not all that bad.   In conclusion, when you get a moment with Jesus Christ, you will discover, He is the only one who can love you the best and all of the evil distractions in this world of feeling bad about what you see and feel when you see it will diminish, because remember dear sisters, this is a spiritual warfare.  

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12).


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