Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Black Man Is No Longer The Black Woman's Problem

The reason why the black man is no longer the black woman's problem, is simply because most of the time, she has chosen to yield to sin and the ways of the world.    The majority of today's black woman refuses to listen to wise advice and take heed to the voice of God, instead she has been more of a follower than a leader.    Whenever any individual chooses to disobey God's Word, he or she is not a leader, but a follower of Satan and his demonic forces and evil souls of this world.   Therefore, although many black men have chosen to turn their backs on having a meaningful relationship with black women, they are not the problem within the lives of today's black woman.    We have many black women who have chosen to ignore wisdom and make mockery out of sound instruction for their lives, is what real root of the problem among black women.

The black man may very well be in error for not doing his part, raising his children, spreading his seed out of wedlock and even disowning children while married among other problematic issues; however, the black woman who refuses to fully submit her soul to Jesus Christ and not sell her soul to the ways of the world (which is selling her soul to the Devil) is the mainly responsible for the dysfunction in her life.    God is angry when black women blame black men for not loving them, but they refuse to love Him and put Him first in their lives, love themselves and each other.   God is very angry when black women get even with black men who choose to date other races, but refuse to wait on God for the right man within His Kingdom.   God is very angry when black women raise their children not to love who they are by turning their children away to have healthy children in a healthy relationship between man and woman.   God does not take pleasure in black women enjoying the sins of their children when they should be rebuking them.    Remember, righteousness is the key in a strong relationship between a mother and her children.    Therefore, the black man has nothing to do with the wrong decision a black woman makes, which has caused a lack of morals and values within the black community, because as true women of God, we must be positive examples for other black women to follow, so that each and every soul will acknowledge the difference between right and wrong.

Many black women who blame black men is a generational issue.   Therefore, generational issues are spiritual issues.  Throughout generations, a black woman's rebellion is rooted from Eve, just like with other various races of women.    In the beginning of this universe, Eve was responsible for luring Adam to listen to the serpent (Satan) and ignore God's commandment not to eat the forbidden fruit.   So it is the same thing we have seen throughout the years, a widespread demon of rebellion that is not of God.   We as black women should really yield our souls to God and began to take heed to His Word.  We should refuse to be among women who make foolish decisions to follow the ways of the world, instead of seeking God, caring about how He feels about the choices we make in our lives.   For if we refuse to do so, do not be surprise of how God allows the black man to turn his back on our women, all because we did not totally serve God.   Unfortunately, many black women may suffer for many years to come without enjoying the blessings of God, all because they refuse the seek His Kingdom (Matthew 6:33).  If we choose not to seek God's Kingdom, then how can we blame black men for anything.   If we are doing everything God told us to do in His Word, then we have the right to discuss the errors of black men who may also not be seeking God's Kingdom and much of the time, we are not fully submitting to Him.

In today's liberal society, we must learn to discipline our souls to God, because the demonic world's bad influences is what has caused a lot of pain in our lives not necessarily the evil deeds of black men.   God will speak to the souls of black men who have not done right, once we as black women do right in the eyes of God.   Therefore, the problems among black women and black men will dissolve, if we become better examples to our family, friends and acquaintances.  Once we as black women make a wise decision to focus on God instead of how the black man is offending us, then the problems of black men will be the least of our problems.


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