Monday, September 5, 2011

If Black Women Do Not Love and Respect Themselves and Each Other, Who Will?

Black women of the 21st century need to learn how to love and respect themselves and each other, because God has given us them the opportunity to do so.    The reason why this world sees black women as undesirable women, is simply because of the way many have brought themselves and each other down so low.  There are many black women who are quick to listen to lies about another black woman they may not even know, personally, which is very wicked, but many do it on a daily basis, they mistreat a black woman based on what strangers say.  We have witnessed black women being torn down in the black community by black men, specifically and have seen how many black women will watch and instigate.  Believe it or not, this is what causes division among black women, because this bitterness sets into the souls of black women who feel betrayed not just by their own race, by the same gender.    The truth must be revealed, it is not only black men who have brought other black women down very low, but it is also the Satanic influences of black women who do not know God and even the ones who claim to be born again Christians.    Many black women among white supremacists, black men or any other race who are not serving God are unknowingly used by Satan to destroy other black women, very sad, but so true.

As black women, we must make a commitment before God to love and respect ourselves first, then each other, because if we fail to do so, we cannot expect for this world to see us as the beautiful women we are.   This world judges black women as the most unattractive of various races, but we must make up in our minds to combat that lie by being more beautiful in our spirits, then what people say will not matter, because God will reveal our spirits on our faces, which is much more beautiful than women who serve the Devil, because it is Godly authentic beauty.

We can no longer look for people to give black women the respect they deserve, the time has now come as women of God, we take authority to give it to ourselves.   How do we do so?   By not living according to this world, but living according to God's Kingdom (Colossians 3:2).   We do not give into the negativity of we see, feel or hear within society,  the media, school or even family, but we must constantly feed positivity to our minds and allow it to become a part of our souls.    As a confident black woman, make up in your mind, the woman God has created is very beautiful and it does not matter the background of your life.   You are beautiful, because God made you beautiful and man's idealistic beauty does not matter, because most of the time it is artificial and comes from the pit of hell.

We want to tell you what happened about 2 weeks ago with one of our journalist.   She witnessed road rage between two black women.    It was not just interesting because it was two black women disrespecting each other, yelling and screaming profane words out of their cars, but it was very painful to watch, because both black women were from two different generations.   One of them appeared to be in her late 20's and the other black woman appeared to be in her 50's, they looked like they wanted to get out of their cars and physically hurt each other.   The younger one accidentally got in front of the other car, because she did not see it and so, this is what started the road rage.  You figure if two generations of black women cannot have the decency to respect each other in public (or in private), we are in spiritual danger.   We cannot just pray, we have a lot of work to do.   However, when we evaluate the situation, we do not understand why either of these black women did not have enough respect to just nod and drive on.   When we had our round table discussion, it was so very painful to hear how two generations did not consider the feelings of each other and how there has been other various cases of black women who have actually physically harmed each other, all because there was no love, respect or any desire for peace.    Please remember, without God we can never expect for black women to ever have love and respect for one another, because many refuse to deal with deep wounded issues and this is why we created this blog, Souls of Black Women, because we strongly desire to help those who are willing to change for God, not for us.   The majority of black women do not realize it, but their unwillingness to admit they have degraded other black women in general and not caring to get to know them personally, instead of believing ignorant lies about their sisters is the main reason why there has not been much progress as a whole.   As black women who are truly righteous children of God, we must agree much destruction is the blame among ourselves and no one else.   Furthermore, this takes us back to when there has been times when some black women will go so far to degrade other black women in front of white people, to feel as though they are above them...stay tuned for our next article on that subject.


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