Thursday, September 15, 2011

God Wants Black Women to Stop Wearing Weaves, Wigs, Hair Extensions and Start Growing Their Own Hair

After listening on to the testimony of Anglica Zambrano, a teenage girl who went on a tour to hell with Jesus Christ and was told to come back and testify about her horrific tour, there was so much for us to think about.   We not only heard her allegedly witness Michael Jackson, Pope John Paul II, Selena, kids among other people from all walks of life in hell, we also heard her mention that Jesus Christ told her to tell women to take good care of their hair.   This was after she saw Mary Mary Magdalene in heaven.

Who was Mary Magdalene?   She was a prostitute who met Jesus in the era of the 1st Century A.D..   She repented for her sins and followed Jesus until the day he died on the cross.  Our dear sisters, Angelica Zambrano allegedly claims when she went to heaven, she saw Mary Magdalene's hair and it was very very long and beautiful.  Jesus sent a word back to all women to take good care of their hair.   Dear black sisters, you must consider it a close chapter to continue to make manufacturers and mostly Asian suppliers rich, all because you do not have faith to grow your own hair.   This is the time that Jesus Christ expects for you to change not only the way you feel about yourself, but change the way you look, according to his standards.  Let us stop the old way of enhancing our beauty God gave us.   It does not matter what the world wants us as black women to look like, Jesus wants us to enjoy the hair God gave us and we cannot enjoy it, just by frying it, covering it up with fake hair or chopping it off.    Do you not know God has strong feelings of how we manage our hair?    Furthermore, it does matter how He feels about how we respect our God-given beauty and it is certainly not according to the expectations of other races and the American way, but only God's way should concern us.  Why?   Because for too long black women have depended on fake hair to give them long hair, instead of learning how to grow their own.    

For too long, we sit back and watch how other races of women flaunt their long strands while the fingers of black men take pleasure in their natural long hair; meanwhile, many black women are wearing damaged hair underneath a weave or wig and wonder why they cannot be respected by good black men who appreciate having a woman of the same ethnicity as their mother grow the same amount of hair and give them that same pleasure.    It is all the fault of many black women, the lack of faith to grow long beautiful hair has been absent for many centuries and this is what causes other races of women with long stringy hair think and feel as though they are superior to the black woman.

The Biggest Myth

One of the biggest myth within the black community and among black women in the 21st century and even in past decades is this, "black women cannot grow long hair".   As black women we can grow very long hair, there are actual black women who will tell you so, show you and they do not claim to be mixed with any other race other than black and they have hair past their shoulders.    It all depends on what you believe, what sort of thoughts are you so easily led to believe?   What the black race has lived with for many centuries or do you believe God loves black women just like any other race to grow long hair.   We say He most certainly does.   Sit down for a moment and watch this video, but before you do, repent for spending so much money on hair weaves, wigs and hair extensions, instead of trusting God and learning how to take care of your own hair so it can grow long.   Also, repent for worshiping other races as though they are superior and their women have the capability of growing long hair and not you.   Jesus does not like that and this is the very reason why many of our black women have not been blessed, because we have wasted money on fake hair that should not be on our own heads.  The world should see us with very long hair and learning how to take care of it, so it can grow long and healthy, just the way Jesus Christ expects as what He told Angelica Zambrano.  

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