Thursday, September 8, 2011

Carlita Kilpatrick Teaches Black Women a Lesson In Her Marriage with Kwame Kilpatrick

For certain articles, we will discuss how particular positive black women overcame obstacles in their own lives and we will began with Carlita Kilpatrick, the wife and mother who is yet married to the former mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick.   She is not just as a strong black woman, but her spirit remains to be confident, because of God.    Many black women would not choose to remain with their husband, if he cheated and was even allegedly caught with a stripper; however, there is some type of courage this Carlita Kilpatrick has had in order to remain married to Kwame Kilpatrick who not only caused shame to himself, but also to his wife, his children and to the city of Detroit, Michigan.   Carlita Kilpatrick endured one of the most shameful memories in the history of the United States as a politician's wife.

We listened to an recent interview, after reading an article about Kwame and Carlita Kilpatrick at   The article was very interesting, it revealed some of the most interesting things a lot of us women wonder about, regarding the reason Carlita chose to remain married to Kwame Kilpatrick.     We will tell you this, for a black woman who endured such emotional trauma in her life, she is such an incredible woman.    Her courage to not only remain his wife, but to also raise all three of her sons with Kwame as their father in the same house is very remarkable.   A lot of black women are still complaining that there is a shortage of black men, but if God gave any of them a black man who was caught in the act of sending indecent text messages to one of his staff administrators, would they have the courage to not only forgive and remain married to their husband?

Carlita Kilpatrick causes us as black women to think, are we the type of ladies that are reserved for men like Kwame?   A lot of black women do not stick together and bring each other down, but once they get hurt by their husband or boyfriend, they desire to unite and blame all black men.   Carlita Kilpatrick decided not to do so, instead she dealt with her problems with God and held onto her marriage.   Therefore, possibly when we think about it, this could be the very reason why black women do not have the majority of black men in their arms, simply because when they had the opportunity to forgive and remain with him years prior, they chose to become a feminist and bash all black men.   So, doesn't Carlita Kilpatrick teach us as black women a lesson?    Possibly, we are a big part of the problem and should repent to God for not upholding the highest standards not as black women, but as true ladies under the command of our most high, God.   No doubt, it is a possibility we have just thrown the black man away, because we were not willing to deal with any pain and just work our relationships and possible (future) marriages.    

So, Carlita Kilpatrick remains married to Kwame Kilpatrick, no matter how many people put him down in the media, no matter how many allegations were against him, and no matter how he brought the city of Detroit to shame.  This god-fearing woman, Mrs. Kwame Kilpatrick is courageous because she loves the Lord and has stated on her recent interview that she places her husband as the head of the household and it is under his authority she lives her life.  Indeed, Carlita Kilpatrick maybe one of the greatest mentors for black women of the 21st century, because she did not choose to divorce or hold a grudge against her husband, but she remains a faithful wife and a good mother to her three sons.

If black women have not been authentic women designed by God, there needs to be a sudden repentance and humble confession, because if black women are yet without a good black man, then this is possibly why there is indeed a massive shortage.   Now, you may say Kwame Kilpatrick is not a good black man because he cheated and had an affair with another woman, but to his wife Carlita he is, if he repented not only to her, but also to God.   Also, a good black man is one who may have made a lot of mistakes, but a woman must be Godly enough to stand behind him with forgiveness.


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