Friday, August 26, 2011

Will Marrying a White Man Solve The Black Woman's Pain of Feeling Unwanted by The Black Man?

This issue of black women competing with black men, all because his interest is to date or marry another woman who is not black is very old and needs to be dead by now.  However, one of the main reasons why many black women who date white are still trying to get even with black men is simply because of bitterness.   They are not only bitter against the black man who has turned his attraction to white women or other races of women, but they are also bitter because they're father may have disowned them, their brothers mistreated them, their cousins, brothers or uncles sexually molested them as girls or even as grown women.   It hurts, let's face the truth.   White men seem like the savior to a lot of black women for obvious reasons of past pain, but the real question remains: Does marrying a white man solve the black woman's pain of not only feeling unwanted by black men, but also being mistreated by them?  The reason why we ask this question is simply because if a black woman marries a white man and endures severe racial discrimination, does the white man listen and can he help her?   Can the white man sympathize with black women who are their wives who face racial discrimination in the 21st century?  These are very important questions we must deal with, because there is too much pain buried inside of many souls of black women.

So, what we would like to know is this, is the black woman really happy when she marries a white man?   Does she feel like he was her soul mate made in heaven?   Because if not, she has made a mistake she will have to deal with for the rest of her life.    She will be enslaved for her own flaws of not waiting on God.   

We are not saying if it is right or wrong to date white men.   What we are saying is this, if black women are enforcing the white man to pay attention to them, because most black men have deserted them, then it is a spiritual issue.  There needs to be a lot of repenting from the soul of the black woman who refuses to let go of the past hurts and issues she has felt since a young girl.   Black women get very mistreated by men in the family and the black men they date.   So, the answer to deal with that buried pain is to seek God's Kingdom.   Go to Jesus Christ and bow before Him and tell him about each and every man who has hurt you.  You must do this, because if you do not, you will regret it and covered it up while remaining emotionally enslaved to thinking a white man is your Savior and can deliver you from all of your emotional pains you feel the black man has caused you.


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