Monday, August 29, 2011

Black Women, Stop Bleaching Your Skin, Self-Hatred Is a Sin

Can you believe there was a recent report about an African woman who actually bleached her skin?   Possibly, there are many more directly from the mother country of Africa who bleach their skin.   So, you figure, if there are African women who do not like there dark pigment, there is no reason for black Americans to be proud of being descendants of that country.  What is worse, is black women in America have done the same thing.  You see it in Hollywood among actresses and singers and you even see it among female gospel artists, it's sick.   One very important question, if you think your dark skin is ugly, then how can you expect for any black man to love, respect, accept you or or even be attracted to you?   Never mind about black men and their self-hatred, that is their issue, but you dear sister are responsible for loving yourself.  If you love and respect yourself, God will send you a good man, not one who is going to say, 'I usually don't date dark girls, but you are very pretty.'   When you hear that, run, that's not the man God gave you.  God is not going to give you someone who constantly focuses on skin tone, it is ignorant and the Kingdom of God is too intelligent for that, so dust your feet from that sort of company.

Look at this article, revealing a black woman who bleached her skin.  But you know what, she did it to herself.   She was possessed with the demon of self-hatred.  Now, look at this African woman who thinks she is beautiful and look at the comments on, most black people do not support her.  So, thank God there is hope.

For all of my dear sisters reading this article, are you guilty of bleaching your skin and denying that you are a dark skin beautiful woman?   If so, no wonder you are not happy in your life.  Because when you change your complexion, you are making God very unhappy.   God is the One who gave you, your dark skin.    This is a very serious issue, so please pay attention.   Never mind about some white women who resent us because we are black, you are just as guilty of prejudice, black woman for hating yourself when you bleach your skin.  Bleaching your skin is a sin.   When you bleach your skin, you are telling God he did not do a good job creating you and so do not expect Him to be there for you when you need Him.  God cannot bless you when you constantly focus on trying to get rid of the skin tone, which he gave you or constantly insulting another black woman for her beautiful dark skin, whether it be a stranger, friend, your sister or your very own daughter.  This is an ancient sickness in the black race and this is a big part of the reason why the black community cannot rise above their feelings of inferiority.    It does not matter who told you, you are unattractive, you must repent for your self-hatred right now and others you have hated with dark skin like you.   This is a healing process and will help you feel better about yourself and get to know God much better than you think you already do.   You do not know God when you apply bleaching cream to lighten your skin tone, because again, you are telling Him, His creation is very ugly.   You do not love God when you hurt and disrespect other black women and girls who desire to love themselves just as they are. 

When you lighten your skin, you develop a high level of insecurity and you pass that demon of inferiority complex into the black community and your family.   Skin lightener should only be used to lighten dark scars on your body, not your skin tone.  Did you know certain products were invented by Satan through those who serve Him?   Yes, those who make skin lightener are not children of God and they have carried on their fore-parent's company, because dark skinned black people refuse to love and accept their skin complexion and so they spend millions of dollars on bleaching cream.  Satan knows how beautiful you are and wants make you feel insecure.  Bleaching cream was invented years ago by a wicked tribe who served Satan who would give them millions for making a products that would spiritually destroy black women who would destroy others.  Your mind is being wasted on an issue that cannot save you and also takes your focus off of worshiping God.  This was a strategic plan that was designed by Satan many centuries before slavery in America.  So, when you bleach your skin, you are automatically a child of Satan, because you gave into his plan.   The white man is not the cause for you choosing to lighten your skin and he is not the cause of your self-hatred, you are.

Ladies when you hand your daughters a jar of bleaching cream and tell her she is too dark, you are emotionally abusing her.   When she grows up she will resent you and she will feel lost in this world.   Learn to love yourself before you bore a daughter and if you already have a daughter, learn to love and respect yourself, so that she will do the same.  There are so many black women throughout the centuries that have missed heaven, simply because of self-hatred.   It is not okay to bleach your skin, it is more serious than you realize, so stop doing it, if you are guilty.   

Do you know how rich the companies that distribute bleaching cream are?  They're making millions of dollars and have been for many years.  Probably more rich than you.   If black people would learn to love themselves and thank God for how He created them, they would do much better in life would save more money on more important things.


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