Saturday, August 27, 2011

Black Women Hurting Each Other Is Satan's Plan

Throughout the years, many black women have oppressed each other through the evil words they speak.   Why?   A lot of it may from emotional pain from how black women mistreat each other in their families and memories of little girls carrying that same hurt to their elementary schools.   This is what causes divisions among black women.   As black women, what we see, hear and how we feel after seeing and hearing such friction.   The memories of how we were mistreated on the playground as little girls causes extreme division among black women as adults.   Dark skinned black girls remembering how they were ostracized for having the darkest skin in the class room and being called "Blackie", that name right there was enough to make any black girl grow up and resent her own race while avoiding the entire black community.  Then, we have the light girls that grow up and wonder why the dark skin girls distance themselves from them, because they know they did not do anything to offend them.   Then, we have a problem among dark skin women, hating each other and themselves for being dark skin and some of them refusing to accept their skin tone, either imagine they are light by refusing to admit they are dark skin and even will go so far to use bleaching creme.   This is the sickness among black women and Satan has had fun with all of this nonsense, because he knows at the end of everyone of our lives if he can keep black women focused on skin tone, hair texture and even eye color, he has got our souls in eternal hell and damnation.   If you will open your Bibles and go the scripture that says: 'Don't hate me because I am black .'  That scripture was not just written for other races who hate black people, it was also written for black people who hate themselves and each other (Song of Solomon 1:6).  Black women who hurt each other have to pay for the friction and division they have caused within the race and as a whole nothing will get better in their lives unless they repent to God.

Yes, black men have hurt black women, but black women have done their sharing of insulting each other and causing so much pain, many have been ashamed to be among the black race.  Just like Satan is behind the white supremacists that has kept the entire race of black people oppressed, he has also been using the evil hearts of black men and women to destroy each other, so they will not be able to know God exist.  The distraction is a demonic strategy Satan has used to make black women think if they can feel no love from those who look like them, so they will not believe in God.   This is why we see so many troubled black women who are ready to verbally and physically attack each other, because they have so much rage from being emotionally beaten down by various women in their families, churches in schools throughout their lives.   Many black women claim they cannot trust the black man without being honest to admit black women cannot even love and trust each other.

Black mothers have divided their children, favoring their lighter ones over the darker ones.  Mother in-laws have even favored their daughter in-laws over their own beautiful dark skinned daughters.   Even grandmothers and great-grandmothers have caused the same division among their grandchildren.   Black mothers have taught their sons to marry light skin women and in one case this was a fact, causing his dark skin sister to feel inferior around light skin women.   Many of these black mothers are dark skinned themselves, including their sons but they deny it, which is insanity.   The blame is no longer on the white supremacists, but the blame is on black people who have carried on with this sickness throughout many generations within their families.   Nowadays, you can't even get black men to even date light skinned women, they have shunned the entire race of black women.   Where does it come from?   They are too tired of the shade issue, deep down inside they know there is no difference in skin tone, all black women of all shades are black.  Therefore, they have dodged the emotional sickness by choosing to date white or any other race of women.  Yet and still, black women still hate each other, even after the fact of black men turning their backs on all black women.   The truth hurts, but it is for real.

At the same time of all of this sickness spreading among the race of black women, they die of various diseases that doctors cannot cure while suddenly trying to reach God.  When all along they were focused on this sick issue of skin tone, God was always there, He was just waiting for black women to humble themselves and repent.  One of those main diseases that took the lives of a lot of black women of all ages and still doing so, is AIDS.  A lot of them were inflicted with the deadly disease through sexual contact.   Often times, we wonder how was the black man able to have a relationship and infect the black woman with AIDS, but marry the white woman and she seems to be okay.  It is all spiritual, Satan has a tormenting place for all black women, including men who hurt each other and refuse to unite and focus on God and its' eternal hell, fire and brimstone.   That is Satan's plan, he comes to kill, steal and to destroy, but God came that we may have life and have it more abundantly.

Let's pray: 'Father God, we come before you now asking you to help us.   We humbly submit all of our mind, body and soul to you.  We repent for anything we may have said or done wrong to hurt each other.  For we know when we hurt each other, we hurt you.  When we refuse to pray about how we hurt each other or whom may have offended us, we know it is our own fault things have not changed.   Father God, please forgive us for the hurt we have not given to you or not even doing our part to help things change.   Forgive us for not surrendering our lives to you and please Lord, help us to bring lost souls into your Kingdom once we get saved.   Jesus we pray for each and everyone of our dear sisters, whether they appear light or dark and we ask you to heal each and everyone of us.  Heal us from our painful past memories Lord.  Heal us from every insult we kept deep inside of our souls.  Heal us from our emotional wounds.  Dear Lord, we ask you to bring healing among our sisters, whether they be daughters, mothers, aunts, nieces, grandmothers and even close friends, in Jesus name we pray.   Another thing Lord, we want to pray for each and every black man who may have hurt us, whether they were past classmates, co-workers, friends, boyfriends, husbands, fathers, uncles or cousins.   We forgive them for the insults and pray that you save and deliver their souls from hell in Jesus name.  Amen.'


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