Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How Black Women Can Overcome The Pain of Sexual Molestation By Black Men in Their Family

This is an issue, many black women do not care to discuss, but those who hold in their pain are never free and feel the world is against them.    When black women who are sexually molested by men in their family and admit the truth to someone, they are many times told to be quiet, especially when their molester is a man of the clothe or even the most funniest person in the family.  Souls of Black Women blog do not just talk about relationships, but we are a team of journalists who deal with reality and if it has hurts black women and keep them spiritually enslaved for too long, then we discuss it here.   If she decides to finally express what happened to her as a grown woman, often times she gets blamed and neglected by her kinfolks.   

The black church is another place where black women should be able to open up and admit to being sexually violated by her blood related male relative, but often times when she opens up, she is told she needs to forgive.  Many counselors of the black church are ignorant, they do not know that releasing pain is not un-forgiveness, it just means the woman needs to release her pain and express herself before she turns to suicide or turn over to demons that will drive her into a mental institution.   Therefore, no more should the black woman's pain of being sexually molested be ignored, it does not matter how long ago it was.    We need to hear her voice, so she will know someone cares.   Most of all, because God cares, so there needs to be those who claim to believe in Him and serve Him to pay attention to this issue, because if you really want to know the truth, this is one of the main issues that is killing many black women, mental slavery of being abused by a black man or several black men in her family.   One of the main problems is women who idolize the men in the family who ignore a woman's confession to being sexually violated by that man who is so popular and well liked among kinfolks.

When black women get raped and molested by black men in their families, this often causes them to either become lesbians or turn away from black men all together.   A lot of black women who are sexually molested by men in their family feel dirty and do not want to be touched at all.   The black race has ignored this issue and this is what has made a lot of black women who are victims, very angry.   If you really want to know why there is no unity in the black race among men and women, this is one of the main reasons, no understanding, no consideration and no love for women who have been sexually violated by black men in their family.

So, how does a black woman overcome the pain of being sexually molested by her grandfather, father, brother, uncle or cousin?

First and foremost, a lot of these victims feel as though God does not love them and it is hard to accept the fact that they must believe in God, regardless of feeling helpless when the sexual molestation occurred.   However, the first step is this, if you are a survivor of sexual molestation or rape by a family member, you must turn your life over to God.   God knew what happened, He was there all the time.   However, you thought He did not care, because you no doubt cried out to Him to help you when it was going on, but God saw what happened to you.   You must cry out to the Lord and ask Him to help you overcome your pain.   Surrender your life to God and ask Him to come into your life.

Secondly, you must forgive that family member who sexually molested you.    Forgiveness may not come easy, but if you just say, "Lord, I forgive the person who hurt me."   He knows who you are talking about, even if it hurts to say the person's name.   When you do that, you are letting Him know, you are not holding any grudges.  The Bible says this, Grudge not one against another, brethren, lest ye be condemned: behold, the judge standeth before the door (James 5:9).
  It maybe so hard to do, my sister, but you have got to pray for the person who hurt you, so you can free yourself from what they did to you.

Thirdly, you must pray and forgive those who did not listen when you tried to open up to them.  A lot of times, when you honestly trust loved ones, they are the very ones to turn against you, sometimes especially the women in the family for some odd reason.   They will support the very people who hurt you, so you must forgive them too.   It maybe hard, but you have got to get rid of all that pain, even if it was one or both of your parents who did not listen.

Pray and read your Bible on a daily basis.  The Bible says, "Study to show thyself approved (2 Timothy 2:5)."   Now, the Devil will come and try to hinder you.   He will make you feel as though you are worthless and God does not love you, but Satan just wants your soul, so he will lie to you.   Don't be surprised.

Five, every time Satan tries to remind you about being sexually molested or raped, turn on some gospel music, get into the Word of God or watch some sermons.   Do something fun that will help you avoid thinking about the pain, you already gave over to God.

Six, do you still see that family member?   If so, although you forgive Him, you must keep your distance, so you will forget the past.   It does not mean you have not forgiven Him, it just means, you do not want to remember what that person done or even watch how family members ignore your pain.

Seven, create a support group for women who have been sexually molested or raped by a family member.  You will be surprised how many women will be grateful to have a support group to release their pain and most of all, you will be able to be honest about what happened to you.   Don't forget to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

So let us pray, 'Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for our dear sisters today and we ask you to heal them of any past pain of being sexually molested or raped by their family member(s).   Only you can heal them of their emotional pain, because you are God.   Jesus, we want to thank you for dying on the cross for our sins, because if you had not died on that cross, we would be able to go on with our lives after we made past mistakes.   God, you are so loving, you even died on the cross for those who sexually molested and raped our dear sisters.   So, Father God we want to pray for the men who hurt our dear sisters and we ask you to come into their lives and save them before it is everlasting too late.    We are your daughters, so we know you hear our cry and we also know you were there when the sexual abuse happened.   Dear Lord, we humbly ask you to take away the pain.   We ask you to take away painful past memories of the sexual molestation and rape and Lord, we humbly ask you to save and deliver our dear sisters who are not reading this blog and ask you to speak to their souls to surrender their lives over to you, so that they will serve and glorify you and in doing so, you will set them completely free of the memories of being sexually molested, in Jesus name.' Amen.

Black Women Who Marry Outside of Their Race, But Not Accepted By Husband's Family

One question, before you married your husband who happens to be white, Latino or Asian, did you love and accept yourself as a black woman before you said, I do?   Did you follow your own mind or just followed what you saw many other black women were doing?  This is very important for you to think about, because a lot of black women today marry outside of their race, because they may feel black men are not attracted to them and so they feel as though they have to marry another race.   Did you seek God first and ask Him if it was His will for you to marry the man you are married to?   Or, did you just marry Him to get revenge against black men?   When you marry you must marry for all of the right reasons, because do not be surprised if you face prejudice from your husband's family if you decide to do so.    God must be included when we choose our spouses.  You have to make very sure, you married your husband because you love Him and He loves you and that your marriage was first, made in Heaven, meaning it was designed by God.   Therefore, my dear sister, you will never have any peace in your marriage and you marrying this man will not erase racial discrimination from your husband's marriage or his family.   There are many black men and women who complain about being called the "N" word by their spouses or in-laws when they got angry, but they remain married to their spouses and held onto to that miserable memory.

Believe it or not, there are many black women who feel too embarrassed to admit they made a mistake marrying a man they did not love, but only married him, because he was available and had money to give her a comfortable wealthy lifestyle.    One actual case was a black woman who faced racism and called radio talk show host, Dr. Laura.  This case hit national news.  She called into Dr. Laura's show complaining that her husband's friends were cracking racial jokes in her presence.   Dr. Laura did not support her and did not care.    So, dear sisters this reveals that in many cases black women end up feeling all alone and but may not have had to feel that way had she asked God  first.   Also, being around her husband's friends before they were married possibly for a year or more would have helped, that way she could have made sure if they were color blind or not.   Then, there have been several cases when black women married and had children, but felt left out as a black woman among her white in-laws and bi-racial children.   The truth hurts very bad, but we must deal with this issue, because black women who have admitted they have made a mistake do not know where to turn.    Souls of Black Women blog reveal if you are in that dilemma what should you do.

First and foremost, you should pray and repent to God for marrying a man you only married, because the masses of black women like Regina King told you to take who was available, instead of waiting on God asking Him what he felt about the man you married; it does not matter if he is black or white.   You still have to include God and ask Him about who you marry til death do you part, because years later, you will be miserable and it may seem like it is too late.    Next, ask yourself are you happy.   Is this the life you always wanted or did you marry this white man just because a lot of black men have chose other races of women to marry and turned the other way as though you were not pretty.   You need to be honest, because a lot of us black women are miserable for not being honest with themselves and when you lie to yourself, you will lie at the altar while exchanging wedding vows.   As you know it is a sin to lie, 'Thou shalt not lie (Exodus 20:16).'  That scripture is not just speaking about you lying on others, but also situations that include yourself.

Remember this actual case that involved a black woman named Sparkle who married an Indian man named Rajeeve Rai and when his father, Chiman Rai found out about it, he hired a hit man to kill her?   You have got to read this article about this Indian man who killed this black woman for marrying his son for yourself.   The father got a life term in prison, but this black woman who married Rai's son left her baby behind and the son went on with his life, true story.  Therefore, it's not worth all of that.  You cannot force other races to accept you.   This ole song, "please accept me, although I'm black" is getting too old now since the civil rights movement.   If other races will not accept or love black women by now, then you must make up in your mind to love yourself, because God loved and accepted you, first.   It does not matter who does not want us or will not accept us, all that matters is that God accepts us and if He is not enough, then we can never expect Him to bless us with a good and saved man.

Source and photo courtesy: wsbtv.com
Source: abcnews.go.com

Monday, August 29, 2011

Black Women, Stop Bleaching Your Skin, Self-Hatred Is a Sin

Can you believe there was a recent report about an African woman who actually bleached her skin?   Possibly, there are many more directly from the mother country of Africa who bleach their skin.   So, you figure, if there are African women who do not like there dark pigment, there is no reason for black Americans to be proud of being descendants of that country.  What is worse, is black women in America have done the same thing.  You see it in Hollywood among actresses and singers and you even see it among female gospel artists, it's sick.   One very important question, if you think your dark skin is ugly, then how can you expect for any black man to love, respect, accept you or or even be attracted to you?   Never mind about black men and their self-hatred, that is their issue, but you dear sister are responsible for loving yourself.  If you love and respect yourself, God will send you a good man, not one who is going to say, 'I usually don't date dark girls, but you are very pretty.'   When you hear that, run, that's not the man God gave you.  God is not going to give you someone who constantly focuses on skin tone, it is ignorant and the Kingdom of God is too intelligent for that, so dust your feet from that sort of company.

Look at this article, revealing a black woman who bleached her skin.  But you know what, she did it to herself.   She was possessed with the demon of self-hatred.  Now, look at this African woman who thinks she is beautiful and look at the comments on Mediatakeout.com, most black people do not support her.  So, thank God there is hope.

For all of my dear sisters reading this article, are you guilty of bleaching your skin and denying that you are a dark skin beautiful woman?   If so, no wonder you are not happy in your life.  Because when you change your complexion, you are making God very unhappy.   God is the One who gave you, your dark skin.    This is a very serious issue, so please pay attention.   Never mind about some white women who resent us because we are black, you are just as guilty of prejudice, black woman for hating yourself when you bleach your skin.  Bleaching your skin is a sin.   When you bleach your skin, you are telling God he did not do a good job creating you and so do not expect Him to be there for you when you need Him.  God cannot bless you when you constantly focus on trying to get rid of the skin tone, which he gave you or constantly insulting another black woman for her beautiful dark skin, whether it be a stranger, friend, your sister or your very own daughter.  This is an ancient sickness in the black race and this is a big part of the reason why the black community cannot rise above their feelings of inferiority.    It does not matter who told you, you are unattractive, you must repent for your self-hatred right now and others you have hated with dark skin like you.   This is a healing process and will help you feel better about yourself and get to know God much better than you think you already do.   You do not know God when you apply bleaching cream to lighten your skin tone, because again, you are telling Him, His creation is very ugly.   You do not love God when you hurt and disrespect other black women and girls who desire to love themselves just as they are. 

When you lighten your skin, you develop a high level of insecurity and you pass that demon of inferiority complex into the black community and your family.   Skin lightener should only be used to lighten dark scars on your body, not your skin tone.  Did you know certain products were invented by Satan through those who serve Him?   Yes, those who make skin lightener are not children of God and they have carried on their fore-parent's company, because dark skinned black people refuse to love and accept their skin complexion and so they spend millions of dollars on bleaching cream.  Satan knows how beautiful you are and wants make you feel insecure.  Bleaching cream was invented years ago by a wicked tribe who served Satan who would give them millions for making a products that would spiritually destroy black women who would destroy others.  Your mind is being wasted on an issue that cannot save you and also takes your focus off of worshiping God.  This was a strategic plan that was designed by Satan many centuries before slavery in America.  So, when you bleach your skin, you are automatically a child of Satan, because you gave into his plan.   The white man is not the cause for you choosing to lighten your skin and he is not the cause of your self-hatred, you are.

Ladies when you hand your daughters a jar of bleaching cream and tell her she is too dark, you are emotionally abusing her.   When she grows up she will resent you and she will feel lost in this world.   Learn to love yourself before you bore a daughter and if you already have a daughter, learn to love and respect yourself, so that she will do the same.  There are so many black women throughout the centuries that have missed heaven, simply because of self-hatred.   It is not okay to bleach your skin, it is more serious than you realize, so stop doing it, if you are guilty.   

Do you know how rich the companies that distribute bleaching cream are?  They're making millions of dollars and have been for many years.  Probably more rich than you.   If black people would learn to love themselves and thank God for how He created them, they would do much better in life would save more money on more important things.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Black Women Hurting Each Other Is Satan's Plan

Throughout the years, many black women have oppressed each other through the evil words they speak.   Why?   A lot of it may from emotional pain from how black women mistreat each other in their families and memories of little girls carrying that same hurt to their elementary schools.   This is what causes divisions among black women.   As black women, what we see, hear and how we feel after seeing and hearing such friction.   The memories of how we were mistreated on the playground as little girls causes extreme division among black women as adults.   Dark skinned black girls remembering how they were ostracized for having the darkest skin in the class room and being called "Blackie", that name right there was enough to make any black girl grow up and resent her own race while avoiding the entire black community.  Then, we have the light girls that grow up and wonder why the dark skin girls distance themselves from them, because they know they did not do anything to offend them.   Then, we have a problem among dark skin women, hating each other and themselves for being dark skin and some of them refusing to accept their skin tone, either imagine they are light by refusing to admit they are dark skin and even will go so far to use bleaching creme.   This is the sickness among black women and Satan has had fun with all of this nonsense, because he knows at the end of everyone of our lives if he can keep black women focused on skin tone, hair texture and even eye color, he has got our souls in eternal hell and damnation.   If you will open your Bibles and go the scripture that says: 'Don't hate me because I am black .'  That scripture was not just written for other races who hate black people, it was also written for black people who hate themselves and each other (Song of Solomon 1:6).  Black women who hurt each other have to pay for the friction and division they have caused within the race and as a whole nothing will get better in their lives unless they repent to God.

Yes, black men have hurt black women, but black women have done their sharing of insulting each other and causing so much pain, many have been ashamed to be among the black race.  Just like Satan is behind the white supremacists that has kept the entire race of black people oppressed, he has also been using the evil hearts of black men and women to destroy each other, so they will not be able to know God exist.  The distraction is a demonic strategy Satan has used to make black women think if they can feel no love from those who look like them, so they will not believe in God.   This is why we see so many troubled black women who are ready to verbally and physically attack each other, because they have so much rage from being emotionally beaten down by various women in their families, churches in schools throughout their lives.   Many black women claim they cannot trust the black man without being honest to admit black women cannot even love and trust each other.

Black mothers have divided their children, favoring their lighter ones over the darker ones.  Mother in-laws have even favored their daughter in-laws over their own beautiful dark skinned daughters.   Even grandmothers and great-grandmothers have caused the same division among their grandchildren.   Black mothers have taught their sons to marry light skin women and in one case this was a fact, causing his dark skin sister to feel inferior around light skin women.   Many of these black mothers are dark skinned themselves, including their sons but they deny it, which is insanity.   The blame is no longer on the white supremacists, but the blame is on black people who have carried on with this sickness throughout many generations within their families.   Nowadays, you can't even get black men to even date light skinned women, they have shunned the entire race of black women.   Where does it come from?   They are too tired of the shade issue, deep down inside they know there is no difference in skin tone, all black women of all shades are black.  Therefore, they have dodged the emotional sickness by choosing to date white or any other race of women.  Yet and still, black women still hate each other, even after the fact of black men turning their backs on all black women.   The truth hurts, but it is for real.

At the same time of all of this sickness spreading among the race of black women, they die of various diseases that doctors cannot cure while suddenly trying to reach God.  When all along they were focused on this sick issue of skin tone, God was always there, He was just waiting for black women to humble themselves and repent.  One of those main diseases that took the lives of a lot of black women of all ages and still doing so, is AIDS.  A lot of them were inflicted with the deadly disease through sexual contact.   Often times, we wonder how was the black man able to have a relationship and infect the black woman with AIDS, but marry the white woman and she seems to be okay.  It is all spiritual, Satan has a tormenting place for all black women, including men who hurt each other and refuse to unite and focus on God and its' eternal hell, fire and brimstone.   That is Satan's plan, he comes to kill, steal and to destroy, but God came that we may have life and have it more abundantly.

Let's pray: 'Father God, we come before you now asking you to help us.   We humbly submit all of our mind, body and soul to you.  We repent for anything we may have said or done wrong to hurt each other.  For we know when we hurt each other, we hurt you.  When we refuse to pray about how we hurt each other or whom may have offended us, we know it is our own fault things have not changed.   Father God, please forgive us for the hurt we have not given to you or not even doing our part to help things change.   Forgive us for not surrendering our lives to you and please Lord, help us to bring lost souls into your Kingdom once we get saved.   Jesus we pray for each and everyone of our dear sisters, whether they appear light or dark and we ask you to heal each and everyone of us.  Heal us from our painful past memories Lord.  Heal us from every insult we kept deep inside of our souls.  Heal us from our emotional wounds.  Dear Lord, we ask you to bring healing among our sisters, whether they be daughters, mothers, aunts, nieces, grandmothers and even close friends, in Jesus name we pray.   Another thing Lord, we want to pray for each and every black man who may have hurt us, whether they were past classmates, co-workers, friends, boyfriends, husbands, fathers, uncles or cousins.   We forgive them for the insults and pray that you save and deliver their souls from hell in Jesus name.  Amen.'

Friday, August 26, 2011

Will Marrying a White Man Solve The Black Woman's Pain of Feeling Unwanted by The Black Man?

This issue of black women competing with black men, all because his interest is to date or marry another woman who is not black is very old and needs to be dead by now.  However, one of the main reasons why many black women who date white are still trying to get even with black men is simply because of bitterness.   They are not only bitter against the black man who has turned his attraction to white women or other races of women, but they are also bitter because they're father may have disowned them, their brothers mistreated them, their cousins, brothers or uncles sexually molested them as girls or even as grown women.   It hurts, let's face the truth.   White men seem like the savior to a lot of black women for obvious reasons of past pain, but the real question remains: Does marrying a white man solve the black woman's pain of not only feeling unwanted by black men, but also being mistreated by them?  The reason why we ask this question is simply because if a black woman marries a white man and endures severe racial discrimination, does the white man listen and can he help her?   Can the white man sympathize with black women who are their wives who face racial discrimination in the 21st century?  These are very important questions we must deal with, because there is too much pain buried inside of many souls of black women.

So, what we would like to know is this, is the black woman really happy when she marries a white man?   Does she feel like he was her soul mate made in heaven?   Because if not, she has made a mistake she will have to deal with for the rest of her life.    She will be enslaved for her own flaws of not waiting on God.   

We are not saying if it is right or wrong to date white men.   What we are saying is this, if black women are enforcing the white man to pay attention to them, because most black men have deserted them, then it is a spiritual issue.  There needs to be a lot of repenting from the soul of the black woman who refuses to let go of the past hurts and issues she has felt since a young girl.   Black women get very mistreated by men in the family and the black men they date.   So, the answer to deal with that buried pain is to seek God's Kingdom.   Go to Jesus Christ and bow before Him and tell him about each and every man who has hurt you.  You must do this, because if you do not, you will regret it and covered it up while remaining emotionally enslaved to thinking a white man is your Savior and can deliver you from all of your emotional pains you feel the black man has caused you.

Prayer for Black Women

We desire to start off by praying with you, because we know that Satan comes to kill, steal and to destroy, but God told us in that same scripture, you come that we may have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10).   Many black women have made the mistake and have been angry at other black women and not realized that it was the Devil who was behind division, all along.   A lot of black women have went to their graves without realizing that they should have recognized whatever was tormenting her as a spiritual issue.   Many black women have been tricked by Satan to believe it was a gender or a racial issue when the real problem was hatred among black women: against one's self and each other.

Dear black woman, it does not matter who has made you feel like you are not worth anything, you are special in the eyes of God.   However, once you claim to believe it, you have to make up in your mind to serve God and no one else.   

Father, we thank you for these black women who have joined Souls of Black Women Blog.   Thank you for their souls dear God and we ask that each and everyone be willing to dedicate their souls to you.   We ask that you make them humble themselves before you, dear God.  Please give us more peace among ourselves and make us learn to love, respect and care for one another.  We come to bind you Devil, because we realize God is in control and He has full power to change each and every life of black women, no matter what she has been through, no matter her background and no matter who she is.   You cannot have the souls of black women, go back to the pit where you came from and leave us alone, right now, in Jesus name.   Save us Lord and we ask you to come into each and every soul of black women, right now Lord.   If there is anything we are doing outside of your will, which is not pleasing in your sight, we ask that you remove it from us, in Jesus name, Amen.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Welcome to Our Blog, Souls of Black Women

We greet you in the name of Jesus.   We are saved, sanctified and tell the truth, revealing the souls of black women how God requires for us to do.  We are a division of journalists who are affiliated with various blogs that reveal the truth, simply a blog that tells the truth about the hypocrisy of today's church world that focuses on fame and fortune.  Furthermore, if you would look on our blog list, there are other divisions to our main blog.   

The main reason why we requested through our head editor to present our new blog on the internet, is because the souls of black women need spiritual support and need to learn how to live a holy life while loving themselves, each other and even have respect for men who respect them.  If they are disrespected by black men, they will learn how to yet love themselves and not hold resentment in their hearts, this is God's way of healing any black woman who feels oppressed not necessarily by racism, but also by her own race.  Often times, the black woman is mistreated by not only black men, but black women who try to tear down her dignity, related or not.  Many are lost, hate themselves and do not know Jesus Christ.   They listen to Satanic lies that has made them feel inferior.  Among our spiritual issues we will deal with broken relationships the black woman with her soul mate, how she should take care of herself, communicate with those enemies who try to destroy her (whether black or white, male or female), how to break habits and most of all, how to completely have a relationship with God.  Yes, this is a Christian blog, so we will always mention a spiritual viewpoint that will always help in our natural environment.

The Souls of Black Women blog is to not only uplift the black woman, but to uplift Jesus Christ and for her to learn how to allow God to work through her in her very own life.   Of course, we do not believe on focusing on color, but in reality we have to be real, because although there is no color in the eyes of God, He did create various races of people, so we must deal with real issues on spiritual principles, regardless of who does not desire to deal with them. Therefore, we chose to deal with the souls of black women, the ones who feel they do not belong in this world. 

Furthermore, we are sick and tired of the lies of Satan spoken through all races of people and bother genders that has destroyed the mindset of the black woman: 'she's less attractive than any other woman, she's not pretty, the darker she is; she's loud; her natural hair is not pretty...,'which is so unfair, because many black women have bore black men who have turned their backs on the race of black women.   We will tell you the secret to combat the ancient lies of Satan on this blog and you will be able to defeat anyone who tries to destroy your confidence.   Although many black men may have turned their backs on black women, we teach the black woman how to get closer to Jesus Christ and not even allow that matter to bother them and not even recognize the cruelty.

You are beautiful, because you belong to Christ and then you are beautiful because you are wonderfully made, the mother of civilization, which makes you so special in the eyes of God.  If you do not know God, we would like to teach you how to get to know our Father, the most high God.  Do not give up on your life just because of what society says.   What does God say about you?   He loves you and wants so much to communicate with you and you in return, but you must submit, thus saith the Lord.

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